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tardis_view's Journal

The TARDIS Express
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Travelling the globe via fandom.
Do you ever get that itch to travel, to see all the little, everyday things that happen half a world away? Want a chance to get a guided tour of Paris from someone who's lived there forever? How about a small town out in the middle of nowhere, USA? Want to visit the countries your flist inhabits, without having to wait in neverending queues or pay a fortune? This is your chance.

Doctor Who fans live all over the planet - why not set up our own TARDIS?

(The comm isn't limited to Who fans, natch. The metaphor was just too perfect to resist.)

The idea is simple enough:

1) Join the community. Introduce yourself here!

2) Go forth and photograph the awesome things about your city/neighbourhood/country, depending on how much time you've got on your hands. Alternately, if you're of a literary bent, write up a guided tour without visual aid. Take your flist to your favourite pub! Show them the strange graffiti on the wall of the house opposite yours! Introduce them to your cat!

3) Create a post all about this place. Make it a real guided tour with snippets of video, or post the pictures as-is and have people guess what's going on, or throw in an alien invasion and see what happens! Make it fun. Show your flist around.

4) Do a bit of travelling yourself. Please keep your arms and legs and other extremities inside the TARDIS at all times, and do avoid feeding the Macra.

A few ground rules, mostly of the obvious variety:

1) All posts are moderated to avoid spamtastic things. If you've got any questions, do contact your friendly local mods at tardis.view@gmail.com .

2) Keep things PG-13 or below, please, no matter how interesting your clothes-optional neighbour might be.

3) Please, avoid getting snippy/nasty. This is pure, unadulterated silliness coupled with a chance to travel around the world!

4) Default setting on these posts will be friends-only for security reasons. Obviously, if you're not comfortable revealing the name of wherever it is you're giving us a tour, don't worry about it! It's not like the Doctor knows where he's travelling half the time, anyway.

5) Enjoy! If you post a tour, link your flist here. The more, the merrier!

(If you join, you are by no means required to post a tour. Feel free to sit back and enjoy the ride!)


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To affiliate with this community, drop us a line at tardis.view@gmail.com.